Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of being a rockstar. Now 25, I have been writing music for 13 years, toured half the country alone, and released a full length original album. Pretty cool, right? The thing is, I have a hell of a lot more in me.

I just need your help.


What I want to do.

Take over the world with infectious pop music - is that an acceptable answer? I want to be a rockstar. I want to get out from behind my shitty keyboard and dance around and interact with the audience. I wanna start playing clubs and venues where people are there to listen to me. I want to travel everywhere to share my music and ask for help. I want my shows to be a freaking party, and I want someone listening to have as much fun as I have writing and performing it. Buuuuut that's all a little tricky when you're a little girl with a keyboard in the corner of a local bar.

End game? If I had to put a finger on it, I'd say I want to be able to perform a full show without my keyboard. Hopefully with a with a band, special guest musicians, and/or a pre-recorded track. Alternatively, I'd love to record an album that is a little more than just a piano and my big mouth. But seriously dude, I'm aiming for the top, so anything and everything is a step in the right direction.

So I’m here, asking for help, with the goal of finding people who want to make some amazing music and help a small town dreamer make it big, because I can’t do it alone. Sort of like a Kickstarter campaign, but instead of money, you’re donating help. This project is ceiling-less. I just want to do anything (and everything) I possibly can to make kickass music, and to share it with the world. If this “campaign” ends with nothing but a few more likes on Facebook, I’ll be happy to have reached a couple more people. But what if we do more? This leads to…


How you can help me.

Literally anything. In any way.

Musically? Play shows with me. We can write songs together. Or record some tracks in a home studio. Collaborate with me both in person and over the internet. Send in some sick beats for inspiration. Record an awesome trumpet solo to feature in a new song. ANYTHING!

Not the musical type? Share on social media. Come to shows. Spread the word to anyone who might have a helpful connection. Let me know how I’m doing. Hell, if you run a freaking pickle factory and you want to help out by having a one night only engagement with Fiona Corinne, I’d rock those kosher dills right off the conveyer belts. I MEAN ANYTHING!

Ballin’? The music life ain’t cheap… Advertising, equipment, travel, recording, merchandise, it adds up fast. I haven’t been able to travel as much as I used to for shows strictly because of money. I play a keyboard I got on Craig’s List 7 years ago for $50 and it’s falling apart. I play all of my shows with 1 small PA speaker because I can’t afford a second. Every little bit, every piece of loose change in the bottom of the tip jar, counts.

These are just examples of some of the ways you could help… Check out the help page with a lot more ideas!


WHY you should help me.

This is my fucking passion. This is what I’m supposed to do, and I’m gonna do it til one of my body parts gives out or an inner organ fails and I literally can’t anymore. Nothing is going to stop me from singing. Buuuut it sure would be nice to have some help along the way, and to hopefully achieve some of the crazy dreams I’m chasing. Maybe you just really like music. Or maybe you wanna support an emerging artist. Or maybe you’re all about donating your time and talent for the sake of good tunes. Or maybe you see the potential in me and you think I’m right - we DO need to share it with the world.

I don’t have a lot of money (hi, I’m a full time musician). I will give you endless shout outs on every social media imaginable. I’ll wear your product in videos. I’ll hand make you t-shirts or something. I'll bake you cookies. I'll do whatever I can. But more than anything, I will be eternally grateful. For every Facebook share, for every tip I get, for that friend of a friend of a friend connection. It really really means a lot to me.

I’m a very independent person. I’m picky about my music, anxiety affects my daily life, and I hold myself to very high standards. I think that’s part of why I’ve been a solo musician for so long. I book my own shows, do my own graphic design, keep my website pretty and (mostly) up to date… But over the past few years, I’ve learned that you can’t do shit without a little help. I don’t think I’d be here at all without my family and friends holding me up every now and again. I NEED your help to take my music farther. So I’m giving up the solo life and I am all. Fucking. In.


My music.

Check out my music and videos, and stay tuned as I'm always adding more.

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You can also find more information about me and my music on my About page.



I’m a musician without the means to expand my career alone, so I’m asking anyone and everyone for help!


Invest your time and efforts in the best cause there is - real music. 2018 is all about spreading the word and making moves, so let’s fucking do this.

Here's to My now available!

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