My name is Fiona Corinne, and I’m on a quest to find music makers and creative minds who are interested in helping a homegirl out, making sweet tunes, and sharing them with the world.

My trusty Craigslist keyboard has served me well, but I am dying to step out from behind it and drop the solo, acoustic act. I want my music to be the party I imagine in my head as I’m writing it. I want to create and perform new songs with new people. I want to dance and interact with a crowd and travel and record and write and realize my true potential in a big way. I know I have so much more in me, I just need your help in making the rest of the world see it too.

Looking at the end goal of “be of rockstar” is a tiny bit intimidating, so I’ve broken my massive to-do list into 4 Phases. My “end game” is to have a full show’s worth (or a full album’s worth) of music that I can perform without a keyboard blocking my sweet dance moves (okay, I don’t have sweet dance moves, but I still try).

This is my fucking passion. This is what I’m supposed to do, and I’m gonna do it til one of my body parts gives out or an inner organ fails and I literally can’t anymore. Nothing is going to stop me from singing. Buuuut it sure would be nice to have some help along the way, and to hopefully achieve some of the crazy dreams I’m chasing. This is it for me. Let me prove it to you.



Phase 1 - Get away from acoustic

  • Work with DJs, producers, bands, and other musicians to create basic tracks to perform to in live show. These will be a starting point, and will most likely change as the music grows, musicians are added, and the project picks up speed. I’m aiming for a danceable pop vibe with influences from rock n roll, funk, and musical theater.
  • Find a couple of musicians to perform live with. I imagine a drummer would be a good starting point, as would bass and/or guitar, but I am truly open to everything. Hopefully, these musicians will be down to help build my acoustic original music into full blown pop masterpieces.
  • Get out from behind the keyboard. This is going to be a big change for me, but one I’ve wanted for a very long time. 10+ years of hiding behind an instrument probably means I’m not a GOOD dancer, but by God I want to dance! I’m hoping the combination of live musicians and tracks to perform to will mean I can finally be the frontman this world deserves.


Phase 2 - Spread the word

  • Up my social media game. Take advantage of everything Facebook and Instagram have to offer, interact with fans and other musicians, post more videos, pictures and updates, and really try to let the world know that I’m coming for them.
  • Plays lots of shows. In Massachusetts, and all over the country if I’m able. The more people who hear the awesome tunes we’re gonna be making, the better! I also plan to hit up conferences and festivals, as well as busk more regularly. Really, I’ll sing any chance I get.
  • Promotions and art. Team up with artists, photographers and graphic designers to make some dope merchandise and promotional material. I have a huge amount of respect for artists of any medium, and I want to work with any and all types of creative minds to take this project to the top.


Phase 3 - Build the show

  • Find more musicians to play with. Hopefully a consistent band has been built by now (thanks, Phase 1) to regularly play shows with. Adding more musicians or featured artists, whether it be a one time special event, or recurring, would be awesome. Can y'all say "horn section!"?!
  • Up the performance value. Turn every performance into a SHOW. Make it known that Fiona Corinne shows are a party, and make sure that holds true for every gig. Work towards playing bigger and more popular venues, and making sure the audience is always happy and coming back.
  • Build a team. A booking agent, a manager, a musical mentor… anyone who can help me navigate the rough waters of the music industry. I want to reach the top, but I can’t do it alone.


Final Phase - All that rockstar shit

  • Record an album (demo, or final product)
  • Go on tour to share it with the world
  • Hopefully be [more] successful



Think you can’t help? Any support you can show means the WORLD. Share posts on Facebook, come to shows, and spread the word about my project to anyone/everyone. Knowing I have people behind me as I put it all out there means more than you know.


Questions, comments, concerns, constructive criticism? Hit me up at or on any social media.



I’m a musician without the means to expand my career alone, so I’m asking anyone and everyone for help.


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