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  1. Dreaming of You

From the recording Here's to My


Dreaming of You

Oh, I’m laying next to you on the sheets. 
I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you’re 
Breathing like you’re falling asleep. 
I don’t want to wake you up to tell you, 
How grateful I am, 
To thank you for being mine. 
But I hope when you’re dreaming tonight, 
You dream of me and you smile. 
‘Cause I’ll be dreaming of you, 
And how much I love you. 

Always kiss me hello, kiss me goodbye. 
Kiss me anytime. 
Kiss me goodnight. 
I’ll never get tired of, 
Falling asleep in your arms. 
And when you look at me in the dark, 
You still see the light you put in my heart. 
And I’m dreaming of you, 
And how much I love you. 

I’m sorry I don’t tell you more, 
How happy I am to be yours. 
And I hope you know that I, 
Am honored to call you mine. 
Even though I dream of you each night, 
The sweetest dreams don’t compare to my life. 
‘Cause waking up next to you, 
Is a dream come true.