My Overall Goals

  • Create & perform awesome music with lots of people
  • Record said music (demos? a single? EP? LP?!)
  • Play lots of rad shows all over the country
  • Spread the word to literally everyone to listen, and help if they can!
  • Eventually conquer the world with infectious pop music and a charmingly awkward personality

Musical Ways to Help

  • Play with me
    • Play a show together as a one time feature performance
    • Or play shows together regularly - let’s form a band!
    • Make a video - living room session, carpool karaoke, super cool music video, instagram rap-off, you name it
    • Donate time as a studio musician if (when?) we record anything
    • Feature me in YOUR music - I can learn whatever you want, sing harmonies, play a questionable amount of piano, and we could make a video, play a show, record a duet, I’d love to sing the hook on your next club banger or rap hit, seriously, I’ll sing ANYWHERE I can
  • Write with me
    • Collaborate on writing and/or production, online or in person
    • Send in tracks/beats to write new music or perform to
  • Make me sound not like shit
    • Join forces to produce, record and bring to life original songs
    • Record a show(s) for a live album
    • Give me feedback and share ideas about songs, videos, and shows


NOT Musical Ways to Help

  • Know someone who works at/owns a potential venue? Put us in touch
  • Host a show at your place of work or residence, even if it’s not “traditional”
  • Any leads for gigs, recording, radio airplay, competitions, festivals and conferences, etc. would be AMAZING
  • Artists and graphic designers - Good art to promote along with good tunes is well, good. Stickers, t-shirts, album and single covers, plus like, the whole internet. Let’s make it pretty :)
  • Photographers - promotional pictures, live shows and events, or we can just chill and have a ridiculous Instagram photo shoot
  • Videographers - living room sessions, live shows, music videos, any takers? Please? Pretty please..?
  • Artist managers - Help, tips, or suggestions on how to (successfully) manage myself would be seriously great
  • Business owners - put flyers next to registers, advertise shows or this website anywhere you can, play Here's to My as your company’s hold music, make you customers love me almost as much as I’ll love you for helping me
  • Help me help you - I have 0 sense of fashion and style, but if you can make me look cool, I’ll give you endless shout outs and recommendations. Clothes, make up, hair, anything - pimp me out for shows or videos, I am yours


Financial Contributions

  • Equipment upgrades
    • A nicer/not broken keyboard
    • 2nd speaker
    • High quality live microphone
    • Recording microphone (most likely for living room sessions)
    • A better sound system
    • Portable amp for busking
    • Effect/harmony/loop/pedal
  • Travel expenses
  • Recording
  • Merchandise
    • T-shirts
    • Stickers
    • Let’s get creative and sell some weird shit with my face on it ;)


Still think you can’t help?

  • Share my website, pages and videos on social media
  • Leave Fiona Corinne stickers anywhere and everywhere. As a tip, on a counter, anywhere someone might pick it up
  • Hang up a promotional flyer by your office’s water cooler telling everyone to check out a hip new artist
  • Let me know if you have ideas on how others can help, even if you can’t
  • Know someone who knows someone? Connect us!
  • Tell me how I’m doing

Get in touch

Want to help? Have more ideas of ways to help? Questions, comments, concerns? What about feedback about my latest?

Hit me with it! I'll try to get back to you ASAP :)