Help Wanted!

Seeking… Music makers, creative minds and super fans


End game: Have a full show’s worth (or a full album’s worth) of kickass music that I can perform without a keyboard blocking my sweet dance moves. I’m aiming for a danceable pop vibe with influences from rock and roll, funk, and musical theater. (Real end game: Conquer the world with infectious pop music and an awkward yet lovable personality.)


Who I’m Looking For

  • Musicians of all kinds (including, but not limited to, drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboard, piano, and synth players, horns, strings, kazoo, cowbell, etc.)
  • DJs & producers
  • Recording studios, home studios and GarageBand basement dwellers
  • Venue owners
  • Photographers, videographers and artists
  • Music professionals
  • Literally anyone who wants to help


What I Wanna Do

  • Form a band
  • Collaborate on writing music
  • Build songs from “acoustic music? meh” to “OMFG THIS SHOULD BE ON THE RADIO”
  • Create basic backing tracks to perform to
  • Record music!
  • Help you with YOUR music (I’ve been known to throw down some sweet alto harmonies)
  • Record a live show, audio and/or video
  • Play shows at bigger and more popular venues
  • Play some unconventional shows, at houses or businesses that don’t normally host music
  • Busk with other musicians
  • Go to conferences and play at festivals
  • Go on tour
  • Create some sweet promotional material
  • Record fun videos, like living room sessions or carpool karaoke
  • Make a music video
  • Up my social media presence
  • Learn more about the industry
  • Get some help with the behind the scenes business aspect of music
  • Make high quality and unique merchandise
  • Create stunning single/album covers
  • Promote this project on radio, TV and online outlets
  • Get creative with any problems we face
  • Work with sponsors to build a bigger and better show
  • Save money for better equipment
  • Distribute music, as singles, demos, EPs or LPs,


Anything Anyone Can Do Anytime

  • Share a lead, a friend of a friend, any sort of connection
  • Follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Patreon is coming soon)
  • Share pictures and videos online
  • Come to shows
  • Give me feedback on songs, videos and shows
  • Let me know if you have ideas on how others can help even if you can’t
  • Spread the word about this project to anyone and everyone
  • Questions, comments, concerns, constructive criticism? Hit me with it
  • Hang a promotional flyer by your office water cooler telling everyone to check out a hip new artist


I don’t care if you’re an amateur or professional, a hobbyist or student, or if this just sounds like something fun to try. If you wanna give it a go, I say we make something awesome together.


To learn more about my plans and which phase I'm currently working on check out my homepage!

Get in touch

Want to help? Have more ideas of ways to help? Questions, comments, concerns? What about feedback about my latest?

Hit me with it! I'll try to get back to you ASAP :)